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Resurfacing Peeling

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 Resurfacing Peeling | Sothys Paris Professional Skin Care

With many ‘marketing only’ cosmetic brands offering a range of aggressive, quick-fix cosmeceutical skin care, SOTHYS remains unique amongst professional skin care companies.
SOTHYS high-tech, pharmaceutical standard manufacturing facilities are governed and moderated by its scientific responsibility and a strict ISO9001 certification which regulates every aspect of SOTHYS activities...offering professional skin care with immediate and long term results with safety and security.
The intensive Resurfacing Peeling treatment combines Alpha and Beta Hydroxyl acids together with H2CR™ Cosmeceutical Cellular Renewal and oxygenating actives, resulting in a pronounced radiance effect.
Suitable for all skin types from ageing to acne except sensitive, reactive skin.

Phase 1 : Detoxifying

Exfoliating paste in a clay base with natural crystals of corundum eliminates dead skin cells and deeply cleanses the pores of the skin. The paste incorporates an anti-pollution peptide to encourage elimination of environmental pollutants and micro-particles that accumulate and asphyxiate the skin’s tissues.

Phase 2 : Resurface
The Peeling Renovator solution: a bonded 20% Glycolic & Salicylic acid micro-emulsion, is applied as an intensive exfoliant and cellular booster responsible for keratin regulation resulting in a refining of the epidermis. Licorice extract has been added to the formula to bring a soothing, sedative effect to the skin during this active phase to reduce any irritation potential.

Phase 3 : Rebalancing
Following the peeling phase the skin pH is corrected and calmed with the Rebalancing Balm, a calming emulsion incorporating SOTHYS exclusive patented cosmeceutical H2CR™ active complex to encourage healthy cellular regeneration. The balm also contains allantoin to calm and soothe the skin following the activity of the hydroxyl acids.

Phase 4 : Oxygenate
The final phase is a cooling and Oxygenating Mask containing corn biostimulins rich in nutrients and cell growth factors to encourage cellular oxygenation. A hydra-softening complex containing a natural amino acid is included to soothe and hydrate the tissues with the soft clay mask taking any warmth from the skin... the result is a radiant and energised skin.