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Energy Treatment | Sothys Paris Professional Skin Care

After a precise diagnosis to determine the skinís needs, the Energising Intensive Treatment takes place in five phases.

Phase 1: This essential phase commences with a resurfacing ENZYMATIC EXFOLIATION (PEELING).
The Keratolytic action is effected through an extract of Pineapple, Bromeline, a proteolytic enzyme, which interacts with the fibrous protein Keratin in the Cornea layer removing skin cells and impurities.

Phase 2: Depending on the initial professional consultation & diagnosis of the skin, a measured dose of the CONCENTRATED SIBERIAN GINSENG SERUM is added to the Revealing Serum with Sea-buckthorn (plant) oil, Vitamin E and beta-carotene. Sea-buckthorn is rich in Omega-3 & 6 (linoleic, linolenic acids), Omega-7 (palmitoleic acid) and Omega-9 (oleic acid). The skin barrier function is improved and the skinís cells are energised.

Phase 3: A manual massage is performed during this phase using a special Modelling Cream with Siberian Ginseng and Boldo (plant) extract. Rich in bioflavonoids, Boldo stimulates the synthesis of natural bactericidal peptides called beta defensins which help the skin normalise cutaneous micro flora... a self purifying mechanism.

Phase 4: A double mask of 2 phases: 1) a mask with an incredibly sensorial effervescent creamy foam texture, and... 2) a dazzling white peel-off mask with VITAMIN C to lighten the skinís complexion are layered onto the skin. A 3 minute Digito-pressure massage movement on the scalp is then performed while the mask is in place.

Phase 5: A special Enlightening fluid to smooth lines and illuminate the skin is applied, followed by an application of an Energising Day Cream adapted to the skinís need.