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Redensifying Youth cream

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Redensifying Youth cream | Sothys Paris Professional Skin Care

Focus is on supporting the dermal redensifying of fine textured mature skin.

How to use: Apply morning and evening over the recommended Youth serum.

Key ingredient: Kombucha (fermented black tea) provides a lipofilling effect without surgery by restoring the volume-deficient areas of the skin. Adipose cell activity is stimulated to create an immediate plumping. Uronic acid and Bambara pea extract is an innovative inclusion in this formulation to reduce the effects of age on epidermal and dermal neurons, while Alisma peptides work like a probiotic, creating anti-microbial molecules in the skin to prevent inflammation.

All Youth creams contain Sothys patented ßP3 Tri-Complex™ with Saffron – Sophora – Peptides
Saffron and Sophora have been scientifically proven to optimise free radical scavenging and activating anti-oxidant defence systems while a combination of two matrikines (messenger peptides) activate the genes responsible for stimulation of skin regeneration responses.