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Youth Treatment

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Youth Treatment  | Sothys Paris Professional Skin Care

75 minutes of ultimate relaxation for visibly younger skin with clinical tests showing up to 6 years off the age of the skin following the recommended three treatment course.

At the heart of the Youth program is the patented ßP3 TRI COMPLEX™ an innovative complex combining Saffron + Sophora + Peptides to protect against oxidative stress and the visible appearance of chronological ageing skin (wrinkles, slackening tissue and irregular pigmentation zones)

Method :

The treatment begins with a thorough preparation of the skin. A Pre-exfoliating lotion containing glycolic and phytic acid is applied then an exfoliating paste completes the deep cleansing.
Targeted zones on the face are identified for either wrinkle-filling or structural lifting with two specialised serum formulas and a Digi-esthetique massage method is delivered to enhance results. Then relax for a delicious massage phase as the Toning balm is infused… the targeted zoning of this exceptional treatment continues with the application of two multi-zoned masks (one for filling and one for lifting) and then a Peel off mask completes the treatment. Your Sothys therapist will then recommend a serum and cream for your skin concerns to support your results and you can expect to see the effects of this dynamic technique for at least 1 week following the treatment!

A precis of the results of a series for three treatments delivered every two weeks is that you may turn back the clock 6 years on average following the treatment series… A highly efficient and long lasting action.

*100% satisfaction rating on treatments performed on 36 people with an overall improvement in firmness and smoothing of wrinkles by +50%!!