Depolluting* youth cream

Objective: rebalance the microbiome Pollution can be a cause of imbalance within the skin’s microbiome. The skin weakens and becomes less able to defend itself. A genuine ally against daily aggressions, this antipollution*-energizing-rebalancing cream reveals radiance in all skin, even dull and stressed skin. * Depolluting = helps to limit damaged to the skin caused by pollution.

  • Active ingredients

    Detoxifying peptides

    Biomimetic design. 360°global antipollution (outdoor/ indoor/internal).

    Organic energizing Siberian ginseng root extract

    Protects the cell to maintain good energy levels and boosts intracellular energy.

    Organic elderberry extract - Patent pending FR 18 53898

    A complete active ingredient to protect against pollution 92%*. Anti-free radical. * Anti-pollution protection: 92% - in vitro testing of keratinocytes exposed to urban pollution.

  • Use

    Apply to the face and neck.

  • Scents



  • Benefits

    The skin is fortified and detoxified, it is restored to balance and comfort. Its natural radiance is revived, it looks visibly younger. DAY AFTER DAY, THE SKIN IS BETTER PROTECTED AGAINST EXTERNAL AGGRESSION SUCH AS POLLUTION: 95% SATISFACTION ** THE SKIN ISLUMINOUS: 85% SATISFACTION** ** Self-assessment by 20 people after 28 days of twice-daily use of the Depolluting youth cream. Test carried out in China in a polluted urban area.

Product for : Skin type: - All skin types Contains : 50 ml