Reconstructive youth serum

This serum, inspired by mesotherapy, envelopes the skin, intensely nourishing it bringing greater density and vitality to improve the signs of ageing.

  • Active ingredients

    Complementary dermo-revitalising active ingredients

    Hyaluronic acid microspheres - Precious evening primrose and argan.

    Complex of vitamins and omegas 3, 6, 9

    A genuine cocktail of youth to nourish, plump, and revitalise the skin.

    Complementary dermo-densifying active ingredients.

    Sea fennel oil.

  • Use

    Apply morning and evening to the face and neck (1 use = 1 to 2 pumps). Follow with a recommended Youth cream.

  • Scents




  • Benefits

    Revitalised, densified skin 100% satisfaction * Increase of 28% in dermal density after 28 days and 59% after 56 days** *Self-evaluation carried out on 22 people after twice-daily use of the Reconstructive youth serum for 28 days **Measurement carried out using a high-frequency ultrasound scan on 20 people after twice-daily use of Reconstructive youth serum for 28 days and 56 days.

Product for : Skin type: - All skin types Contains : 30ml