Restructuring Youth Cream

Restruturing Youth Cream objective: Restore the skins youth with a focus on mature skin with visible signs of ageing: wrinkles, even deep ones, skin slackening. This restorative cream targets deep set wrinkles and age spots to bring back natural radiance and glow.

  • Active ingredients

    Root extract

    Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine, this active ingredient reduces slackened skin, restores the skin barrier and visibly reduces dark spots.

    BP3. Tri-complex ™ Saffron-Sophora-Peptides*

    Combination of Saffron and Sophora with new generation peptides to fight against oxidative stress and the signs of chronological ageing.

    Marine exopolysaccharides

    Reduces the appearance of wrinkles

    Duo of vitamin D-like chicory root, and a peptide

    Restores the skin barrier.

  • Use

    Apply morning and evening. over the recommended Youth Serum, to face and neck avoiding the eyelids.

  • Scents




  • Benefits

    The skin is plumper. The skin’s youthful looks restored. 86% of women are satisfied with the effect of their youth cream*. * Self-evaluation realized on 146 people from 24 to 85 years old, having used one of the 7 Youth creams according to their specific anti-ageing expectations. 30 days of use day and night.

Product for : Skin type: - All skin types Contains : Jar 50ml