Detox Energie ™ Intensive treatment

Detoxifying peptides Organic energizing Siberian ginseng root extract Organic elderberry extract - Patent pending FR 18 53898

  • Description

    Protect, Detoxify, Energise... Anti-ageing skin defense. This treatment helps the skin to defend itself against the harmful effects of environmental stress & pollution which can accelerate skin ageing.

    The core of this Intensive Treatment is the trio of exclusive active ingredients: organic elderberry-organic siberian ginseng-peptides* for an anti-pollution, protection-detox-energy action.

    An essential treatment for the management of skin ageing, to balance the skin microbiome and boost skin energy.  

    A treatment lasting an hour and 15 minutes to treat your skin to a burst of energy and help it to defend itself in any situation against the harmful effects of environmental stress, which can accelerate skin ageing.
    * Except in the revealing solution (organic elderberry extract only)

  • Scent

    • Floral
    • Musky

  • Benefits

    SATISFACTION RIGHT FROM THE FIRST TREATMENT*: 100%: THE SKIN IS RECHARGED WITH ENERGY THE COMPLEXION IS BRIGHT AND APPEARS DEPOLLUTED. DRAMATIC RESULTS AFTER A SERIES OF THREE TREATMENTS: 100%: THE SKIN APPEARS REOXYGENATED AS IF IT CAN BREATHE MORE EASILY THE SKIN IS MORE RESISTANT TO FATIGUE AND POLLUTION. * % of satisfaction after one Detox Energie™ Intensive treatment and one week using the Energizing serum in the morning and evening or after a series of three Detox Energie™ Intensive treatments and three weeks using the Energizing serum in the morning and evening. Test performed on 28 people (21 women + 7 men).

Duration : 1h15 Treatment for : Skin type : - All skin types

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