Ombre Sothys – Eye duo palette - 20- or chaud & brun frappé

INTENSE AND SPARKLING EYES! Eye duo palette with new ultra-smooth texture, its intense and bright colors will make your head spin! Two new shades to easily achieve the simplest and most sophisticated makeup looks: A coppery gold with rich light-reflecting pearls for a unique metallic effect and shea butter for a light and silky feel! A timeless matte brown with a melting and creamy texture, containing coconut oil for a soft application! To use separately or in harmony, wet or dry.

  • Active ingredients

    Shea butter.

    Nourishes and protects


    Luminescent light reflection

    Coconut oil

    Nourishing, restorative.

  • Use

    Apply the eye duo palette with an Eye brush depending the make-up effect. Can be used on entire eye area: upper and lower eyelids, fixed and mobile. Sothys’ Tip: Use the matte brown shade and the Eyebrow brush to thicken and densify the eyebrows!

  • Benefits

    Intense colors for intense and sparkling eyes!

Product for : Contains : Box 6g