RA Regenerative Ampoules

RA Regenerative Ampoules repair specific zones on the skin following dermo-aesthetic procedures and cosmetic treatments to improve the appearance of the skin while helping it to intensely regenerate itself.

  • Active ingredients

    Tripeptides GF

    Restructuring of skin strata

    Glyco-Repair ™

    Supports rapid healing and regeneration of skin affected by aggressive factors or dermo-esthetic techniques.

  • Use

    Morning and evening, apply half the contents of one ampoule to the areas requiring regeneration (face or body). Follow with a suitable cream.

  • Aromatics


  • Benefits

    The skin is regenerated and appears revitalised. High tolerance hypoallergenic formulas Fragrance-free Colourant-free

  • Advice

    RA Regenerative Ampoules (concentrated serum) deliver intensive repair and regenerative actives to specific zones on the skin following (invasive & non-invasive) dermo-aesthetic procedures. The principal target is epidermal thinning with inflammation. Specific zone application... to assist regeneration of the skin following dermo-aesthetic procedures. Principle ingredients: • Tripeptides GF 2: Growth factor analogue selected to boost tissue renewal. • Glyco-Repair is an aqueous plant extract from Carob seed rich in natural oligo-galactomannans, stimulates the migratory potential of the skin cells, regulating the synthesis of growth factors and epidermal and dermal repair mediators involved in the skin regeneration process. Contributes to the repair of micro-tears in the skin

Product for : Skin type - All skin types