Regulating Cream

A day and night cream for problem skins and skins with imperfections.

  • Active ingredients

    Centella asiatica

    Repairing and healing

    Salicylic acid derivative

    Removes dead cells and purifies pores, promotes radiance.

    Lactic acid derivative

    Intensifies the exfoliation of the skin, smoothes and refines the skin texture.

    Biotechnical Complex

    Includes: Yeast, B5, B6, EFA to digest hardened lumps

  • Use

    Apply morning and/or evening on a cleansed skin, blend over the face and neck

  • Benefits

    A light textured anti-inflammatory, repairing cream  with active ingredients to digest hardened lumps, regulate oil flow and unblock follicles. Particularly suited to hormonally affected acneic skin.


Product for : Skin type - All skin types Contains : 50 ml