Cryo eye professional treatment.

Flax seed extract Ultra regenerating complex

  • Description

    Offering immediate and long lasting results for the eye contour, this 30 minute treatment targets tired eyes and premature ageing of the eye zone.  Sothys exclusive Modelling porcelains provide a refreshing cryogenic effect on the eye contour, with active ingredients to lift, smooth and brighten the entire eye area.

  • Aromatics

    • Fragrance-free

  • Benefits

    From the 1st treatment : 100% satisfaction*. Immediate smoothing effect, brighter eye contour, rested eyes. After 3 treatments : 15% fewer wrinkles**. * Percentage of satisfaction for 22 people, 24 hours after the first treatment. **Visioscan measurements for the number of wrinkles on 22 people 24 hours after the third treatment. One treatment per week.

Duration : 30 min Treatment for : Skin type : - All skin types