Ampoule Therapy Facial


  • Description

    Your therapist will prescribe a personally designed ampoule therapy facial treatment, incorporating deep cleansing, an intensive ampoule complex and treatment mask. The skin is left feeling rejuvenated and radiant. For the following skin types: Normal-Combination skin - Balancing treatment for normal skin with T zone activity. Oily skin - Active skin treatment for oily skin with occasional breakouts. Sensitive skin - A strengthening and soothing treatment for delicate and sensitive skins. Dry-Dehydrated skin - Rich emollients and hydrating actives in this protective treatment support skin lacking essential lipids. Fragile Capillaries - A calming treatment to reduce redness and flushing associated with fragile capillaries.

  • Benefits

    A 100% customized treatment to find and keep a beautiful skin.

Duration : 1h Treatment for : Nature : Dry Skin type : - All skin types

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